Sports Betting Guide

We hope you will find this guide useful, it will explain a few of the terms when betting online.


When a player/wager bets on ‘parlay’, they are betting on two or more games combined within one bet at slots magic. The Parlay gives the benefit to the player/wager by offering a higher return for a moderately low venture. A ‘four-way-parlay’ actually means the number of games involved within the bet. This also tells how high the payout should be. Depending on the quantity of games involved the higher a payout will be.


“Moneyline” is a bet which is solely based upon the result of the game, apart from of the spread. The moneyline is normally specified by the word “even” and will be be a number which is positive or negative. The the negative number will represent a favorite team. It will be based upon bets which are odds, and is always based on $100. This is the amount which will be paid to the team that wins. You can try your luck with top online casino here at

When the negative sign is opposite to Georges, it indicates that is is the favored team to win online.

The Point Spread

A Point spread stands for the bet when there are at least two teams. One team will have a negative number and the other team will have a positive number. Again as stated above, the team with the negative number is the favorite team, and the team with the positive number is the underdog.

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