Oulala is a fantasy football daily website (like in football) that is rapidly expanding on the international stage and is preparing for a break-up year in 2018. This fantasy site focuses exclusively on football and pursues a unique approach to DFS with a comprehensive scoring system, live substitutions and more.

We have not heard much from the daily Oulala fantasy sports site here in the USA. UU., But the company has made waves and steamed abroad with its extensive fantasy football product. Having been named the "Best DFS product of the year" two years in a row, and announcing a major international expansion, Oulala has done more than enough to get our attention.

Oulala does not support real money contests for American clients, but instead focuses on underdeveloped international markets. In 2017, Oulala signed three separate agreements with the main gaming brands in different parts of the world to expand its international presence.

These agreements include an agreement with Marsbet to expand its European presence, an agreement with Safaribet Kenya to expand its presence in Africa and an agreement with Bravio Gaming to expand to India.

It is clear that the company has big plans on the world stage, so now it is so good to do a review of Oulala and present our ideas about the product so far.

General View of Oulala

Oulala differs from most daily fantasy sites in three important ways. First, they have the most complete point system in the long term. While DFS operators like DraftKings can have less than 20 score metrics, Oulala ranks fantasy players based on more than 70 different scores.

Interestingly, the goal behind so many score metrics is not to make Oulala unnecessarily complicated and only for geeks. Actually, Oulala should be more accessible for football fans.

As the CEO and co-founder of Oulala, Valery Bollier, said in an interview with SportsPro Media:

"Take into account 70 statistics and different weights for different players, a defender who scores points gets more than one forward who counts, for example, the only thing that the clients should know is that our classification system is so efficient that they can Too many people dominate fantasy sports only because they work in the scoring system, so in our game you must learn soccer instead of studying the scoring system, and not the fans, but the geeks in other games."

Second, Oulala admits live substitutions. You can visit the Live Coaching section after a contest has begun to monitor its players in real time and make live replacements. In other fantasy sites, you are in luck if you can exchange late in a list already started; Oulala allows you to turn players off during the game.

When designing a fantasy team in Oulala, you can design up to six substitutes in addition to your usual equipment. Substitutes are deducted from your virtual salary as normal players, but substitutes are completely optional. This seems to be a feature that will have many strategic implications, not only for the development of your team, but also to monitor things in real time and know how to efficiently use your three daily substitutes.

Another way in which Oulala differs from other fantasy suppliers is its growth strategy as a company. Oulala not only owns a website on Oulala. The company relies heavily on white label agreements with other operators (such as Marsbet and Safaribet Kenya) to integrate its platform into existing gaming operations.

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