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How to make money using sports betting? : Today I will tell you how you can earn money without leaving your favorite couch. You can watch the match of your favorite teams and get sick not only for your club, but also for your bet. Yes, it is with the help of the bookmaker office that I sometimes earn money. Someone will say: "Yes this is a lottery!" But no, if you approach with your mind to your activity in a bookmaker office, you can cut very good "green" ones. I will explain some rules that you need to adhere to, if you want to enrich yourself with bets, and not just play (without them you will not go far).

If you are a gambler, even though a little bit like that, I advise you not to start betting at all. The first time is not going to win a lot. As in any case, you do not need to hurry, but you should "fill your hand", adjust. Never bet on the team for which you are ill. Remember, to be sure of winning the team at 100 is silly. No one owes you anything, anything can happen, and it is not a fact that this "every" will not happen at your rate. Put only in a proven well-known bookmakers. Today, scammers - a pond pond. Choose your strategy game or create it yourself. There are two types of betting strategies: passive (betting is done on matches where the outcome is easy to guess, there is a favorite) and aggressive (risky betting on controversial matches). Try to bet on a certain sport in which you know more, but it will be even better , if you concentrate on certain teams, which are exactly sure.

Set aside the money for the rates (how much is not a pity for this case) and spend at a rate not more than 10% of this bank; then the chances of letting all the money to the wind are minimal. If possible, look not only at the position of the playing teams in the tournament and the odds of the bet, but also on the so-called additional factors - the history of meetings of the fight participants, the results of the last matches of each of the clubs, the number of goals scored and conceded in current season, the probability of non-participation in the match of the key players of the team. Keep track of your victories and defeats - to clearly see the picture. I myself put in the bookmaker's club, where there are bets on almost everything: from football matches to the presidential elections. I have been betting for the second year, but still I consider myself still a beginner, as I have not tried everything. You can bet not only on the outcome of the match, but also on the total number of goals in the match (total), the difference of goals scored (a handicap), the exact score, the performance of a particular player, etc. If you want to understand all this, there will be a long and painstaking work. Earn money with what you like, and you will not work a single day of your life! And now I will tell you about some interesting facts concerning rates.

The most profitable bet made in this club is an express of 30 rubles, played on December 27, 2012. The client of the culture of bookmaking made himself a gift for the New Year at 3.000.000 rubles!

The grandfather of the 16-year-old football player of Liverpool and the Wales team Harry Wilson, Pete Edwards, won at the expense of his grandson £ 125 thousand, according to the press. 15 years ago, Edwards put in a bookmaker's office 50 pounds on the fact that his grandson, who by that time was only 18 months old, makes his debut for the national team to 18 years. Analysts estimated this outcome by a factor of 2500.0. Wilson played for the Welsh in the match of the qualifying tournament of the 2014 World Cup with Belgium at the age of 16 and 207 days. He became the youngest player in the history of the national team, improving the result of Gareth Bale for 108 days.

In 1982, the 24-year-old banker bet $ 5,000 on 40 different student football games and lost all his money. After that, he got back on his feet and put $ 500,000 on the Super Bowl game and won. Within a year and a half, Moloney lost more than $ 10 million - all the money he stole from the bank.

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