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What are sports bets? : Sports bets are predictions for an event where you bet money. Bets are offered for a very large number of our known sports. Bets are betting on bookmaking sites, with sports betting online being the most popular in recent years. Everything is done online, so it's very easy to make sports bets wherever you are.

Sports bets are quite varied. There are a number of markets available and their type depends on the particular sport. Individual bookmaking sites also differ in determining sports betting opportunities. The good news is that the options are really many, and this allows bettors to have a huge choice. On our site we have selected checked-in bookmakers who offer sports betting in country for all bettors.

What sports offer bets?

Sports betting offers are available for more than 30 different sports disciplines. Their number may vary for different bookmakers, but we'll introduce you to the 10 sports you can bet everywhere. We will also mention some of their main peculiarities.

Football - The main task of bookmakers is to offer football sports betting. This is the most preferred sport among bettors. For him you will find a lot of markets, among which one for the final winner, number of goals in the match, who will score goals, bets for half time and many more. Handicap bets are also preferred, which also come with a wide variety of football matches.

Tennis - Tennis bets are among the most preferred, especially for live play. The game allows for multiple types of predictions. The most basic markets are for a winner in a game or a total number of games. However, they are complemented by many other options, including the winner of the set, the winner of the game, who will win the next point, the exact score, the number of Aces. A variety of opportunities you can win.

s Ice Hockey - The possibilities here are more than varied. Their number depends on the type of hockey game and on which championship it falls. There are quite a number of betting opportunities available for the meetings of the big championships. In addition to the final winner and the number of goals, hockey matches offer third-place bets, extra time, score, handicap, and more. They are enough to cover all events happening at a hockey match.

Boxing / UFC - Combat sports has always been a serious concern, especially when it comes to a big clash. For such, of course, you will be able to find the most betting opportunities, but the standard ones are not that small. It is a good idea to make the bets of this sport a few days before the clash to be aware of the news of the meeting. The markets that are offered include the winner of the match, round betting, winning method, will there be a knockdown, or which round will finish the match.

Baseball - Baseball is spreading increasingly and playing in quite different countries. The popularity of the game will grow even in the coming years. That's why bookmakers have provided a variety of markets from which gamblers can choose. The main ones are the winner of the match, the winner, the races or strokes for a specific inning, handicap opportunities, a winning margin and many others. Convenient real-time sports betting where you'll find plenty of opportunities.

Volleyball - Volleyball bets are also becoming more and more popular. Companies are looking to offer more and more options to their customers. The exact result, the winner of the game, the handicap and the total number of points are only a part of them. Of course you can also bet for the winner of the game. The good thing is that they are comfortable for betting on a particular live fight even without knowing the teams very well, but just watching how they perform at the moment.

Horse Racing - This type of sports bet gives you the chance to earn at high odds. This happens quite often, as long as you know the contestants well. Even for favorites you will find high odds for a bet. You can guess who will win the race, where it will finish, whether it will finish in the top 3 and other markets. You can read more about horse racing and stakes in this sport from this article.

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