Derby Online Betting Odds

The fee is a determining factor in betting, since it is the number for which the money bet will have to be multiplied in case of betting. The team or favorite player in an event is usually given a much lower quota than the non-favorite, so if we bet on the favorite our profit will be lower. On the other hand, if we bet on the non-favorite or something difficult to predict (exact result, first scorer ...) we can obtain large gains with little risk, although logically our chances of hitting are greatly reduced.

Many novices or beginners in this of the bets are attracted by the low quotas. These quotas give a false sense of security since they are usually reserved for big favorites that play against rivals of much smaller entity. 10, so if we bet 20 country we would have a profit of only 2 country (we return the risky 20 plus 2 gains). One of the most erroneous strategies on this type of quota is to make "all-ins" (bet all available balance) to events that the bettor considers to be safe, so if we manage to chain a lot of successes we can get some decent benefits. It is a strategy doomed to failure because a single failure would make us lose our initial balance plus everything we would have earned, which in the end is not profitable to bet on this type of fees.

Another of the most common mistakes when betting is to look only at the quota of an event even if we do not have any information about it, for example we see any 1.01 quota (even if it's a match in the Madagascar league) and we thought: " if it is at 1.01 it is a very safe bet "and we put all our money to get a ridiculous profit, which later lose when betting on another small fee. One of the golden rules of this world is that there are no safe fees. For against the high quotas are very juicy, anyone likes to guess a fee of 6 or more and fill your pockets quickly but this type of fees are very difficult to guess (if you try your luck it is always better to risk a small amount since we will most likely lose it). The best thing is to make meditated bets at intermediate quotas, and never risking the total of our balance, for example if we have 50 city available to bet, our bets should never be more than 5-10 country each. And most importantly, study well the bet that is going to be made and not do it crazy. In this way our chances of success can increase.

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