Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports (sports fantasy drafts) - the most modern and fascinating way of gambling on sports events. It is fundamentally different from classic sports betting. Fantasy Draft is a virtual tournament tied to the stage of any sports league or championship.

Each participant of the draft register and collects his "dream team" - a team consisting of players from different clubs, formed at their own discretion. A certain budget is allocated to the participant in the framework of which he can recruit players. The organizer of the draft, based on expert assessments, prescribes a conditional price for each player (the stronger the player, the more expensive it is). The team needs to be fully staffed within the allocated budget. Immediately prior to the start of the first sports matches, the registration in the draft ends and the participants begin to follow the performance of their team's players. During the matches of the stage to which the fantasy draft is tied, each player selected by the tournament participants is credited points, for example, a goal - +6 points, scoring - +2 points, removal from the field - -5, etc. After the completion of all matches, the results of the fantasy draft are summed up: the participants are distributed among the seats depending on of the total number of points scored by their teams.

Fantasy Sport for Money

In sports fantasy drafts for money, participants pay a pre-determined admission fee upon registration. The sum of all contributions of participants forms a prize fund. Upon completion of the draft, the prize fund is distributed among the winners.

Sports Betting or Sports Fantasy Draft?

Sports betting in the bookmaker office and fantasy drafts are very different in nature. Fans of classic bets are more focused on a single event, someone wishing to spur their interest in the match, and someone wishing to beat the bookmaker, counting on his extensive knowledge of the opposing athletes. The fantasy draft, in turn, requires the participant not to pay attention to a particular event, but to the entire league or championship in general. In the case of sports betting from the bookmaker, the player is given the role of a spectator watching the match and "sick" for the desired result. In fantasy drafts, the participants play active roles of some virtual sports managers, who not only "sick" for their favorite athletes, but form teams and compete among themselves. While "sports mentors" and their teams are virtual, the results of fantasy drafts are calculated on the basis of real sporting events, which does not exclude from them a spectator interest.

In sports fantasy drafts, as well as on betting exchanges, players compete among themselves, and not with the organizer, as in the case of sports betting. While bookmakers hire teams of sports experts, use special expensive programs, etc., most of the participants in fantasy drafts are still poorly versed in all the subtleties of this kind of competition. Thus, with certain skills, knowledge and strategies, it is much easier to play "in plus" on drafts than on sports betting. the organizer of the fantasy draft, like the betting exchange, earns on commissions, then you can not be afraid that he will close you access when you start to steadily win.

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