Football Betting Odds

Our world can be represented without any of the existing sports, but not without football. This is the number one game, the fascination of billions, the whole religion. Naturally, according to the number of bets taken by bookmakers, football takes a confident first place.The popularity of football is both its advantage and disadvantage. Plus, it's easy to find the right information, broadcast, the conditions of the bookmakers are beneficial, and the minus - the analytics of the bookmaker offices are very well versed in this sport, therefore, it's hardest to beat them, especially if we are talking about the long term.So the ease of football for betting is very deceptive, so you need to seriously approach the game, if you do not want to quickly "merge" your deposit. How to bet on football and win - tell WinBetting, and after the passage of the theoretical part you are waiting for constant support in practice - free forecasts of high cross-country traffic from our experts.

Types of Bets on Football

One of the biggest mistakes novice players - the implementation of rates without learning their main types. When making bets, it is necessary to understand what it means and in which cases the better expects to win or lose. Actually, about this further.On the varieties of bets on football matches, perhaps, you can write a book or at least create a separate section on the site. They are incredibly many, and every year bookmakers manage to come up with new variants of betting, sometimes even very exotic, for example, the bet on removing the coach, the goal of the goalkeeper, the bite of Luis Suarez and so on. Below we consider only the most popular types of rates.

Main Outcome

This is the most simple type of betting that the gambling world has known since the days of the first sports betting , this is the basis of the basics. In the sphere of betting, the main outcome is usually called the bet on the winner of the match and a draw. Thus, in football there are three options: P1 - the first team will win; X is a draw result; P2 - Victoria second team.

Total Match

Total in football is the number of goals scored. The main bet in this category is the total match, more or less. Bookmaker sets the value of the total, and the player is faced with the task of predicting, more or less goals for two teams will score. For example, if a better puts TB (2.5) - a total greater than 2.5 goals, then to win a bet it is necessary that 3 or more goals be scored in the duel.Also there are bets on the total of the first and second half, or individual segments of the game, for example, it is required to forecast the total in the playing interval from the 15th to the 30th minute. In addition, there is an opportunity to bet on an individual total - the number of balls scored by a certain team.

Accurate Account

Uneasy for predicting the type of bets, because you need to name the exact final score of the fight. However, the coefficients in this market are quite tempting, so there is always a sense to risk.


Another type of conclusion of betting on the authors of goals or, in other words, total players. Players today can put on goal in the match almost any player. Moreover, on the most productive, for example, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, you can meet the total heads more than 1.5 or even 2.5.


An interesting variant of the game, where the better needs to guess not only the outcome of the match, but also the outcome of the first half. For example, the X / P1 bet means that the first half will end in a draw, and the hosts will win the match.


Placer bets on goals in bookmakers, the most popular of which are both teams to score, a goal in the first half, who will score the first goal and so on.

Game Statistics

Recently bookmakers allow you to put on statistical indicators, the number of which is constantly increasing. These are angular, fouls, yellow cards, offsides, percentage of possession of the ball, strikes on the target, etc.

Long-Term Rates

A separate type of bet is long-term bets or futures. The peculiarity of these rates is that they are made for the results of tournaments or other football events. Here, the bets on the winner of the championship, and on the output of the team in the playoffs of the Champions League, and the best scorer, and the winner of the Golden Ball.

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