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To date, there are 6 excellent golf courses in countries, where everyone can learn to play, train and have fun. However, neither the class of the courses nor the professionalism of the golf instructors can be judged by the prejudices that still exist in countries. For the time being, there are still no flagship patrols against them. Here are the most common misconceptions about golf, which, as you can see, are nothing more than delusions.

Yes, it certainly does not require the physical load and endurance needed to say in football, but the distance that each golfer spends in an 18-hole game is between 8 and 9 kilometers - on average, a player hurts for a 90-minute match if you do not call Gong Sun Park then multiply by two.) In addition, the distance traveled golf is inversely proportional to the skill - the better you get, the less you go around the pitch in hopeless search for your ball.

Golf is a Very Expensive Sport

Recently, we made very strong gifts - two clubs per person and one glove. We ordered them on the Internet and together with our delivery we came out about 130 countries leva. Meanwhile, I know people who only have one of the clubs in the bag cost 10 times more. That's - everyone can choose. To start with, you do not even have to buy equipment because all golf clubs in countries rent it. I'm not trying to convince you that golf is the cheapest sport, but I dare say that as a spending of money and time it is totally commensurate with skiing or snowboarding, for example. Here are a few numbers: A pack of 6 trainings with a teacher and free equipment at the Golf Club "St. Sofia "costs 125 leva (especially this year, these groups are fast filling) The fee for playing 18 holes in the week is city 60.

Golf is Only For 50+

Some time ago it might have been. There are societies where retirees have been gathering for a breakout not in the neighborhood pub, but at the nearest golf course. There are hundreds of golf jokes, whose lyrical characters are retired. But in the big sport, the trend is quite different. Over the last 10 years, this sport has made a real boom among young people all over the world - especially in Asia, but even in countries much closer to us, such as Turkey and the Czech Republic. And this has inevitably affected the professional circuits where the winners of the big tournaments have recently been under 25 and sometimes even under 20.

It is enough to see clubs fly after an unsuccessful stroke, how suspicious men are greedy with anger, or rejoice as little children, how they can talk for hours on the trajectory of a single "unique" blow, and you will see that golf has Extremely adrenaline, passion and emotions.

Golf Courses Are Closed Societies

Closed clubs around the world have - they are only members or guests invited by them. But there are hardly more than 2 percent of all golf courses. All our playgrounds are open to all who want to try the game.

Golf is Monotonous In the world, you will not find surely two completely identical holes, not to mention the same pitches. Even if we are talking about the golf courses in our country, the diversity is unique - three of them are at sea - around Kavarna, two near Sofia, one at the foot of Pirin. But even for the three of them on the Black Sea coast, they are completely different in design and relief and offer unique golf experiences and breathtaking views of the sea.

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