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Advantages and disadvantages of Live betting: Live betting - this is a bet on the course of the match, - this is a special art and emotions that the game gives in the bookmaker office. The stakes in the course of the game, like the bets before the match, have their advantages and disadvantages, we will consider them in more detail, and after we analyze the main sports for live betting and talk about winning strategies.

Speaking about the advantages, first of all, it should be noted the ability to observe the progress of the game using video, audio or text broadcasts. Of course, this is a huge plus, as it is possible to personally observe the events on the field, court or court, quickly respond to certain events that affect the course of the game, as well as simply to witness a specific result. Often, situations arise when a judicial decision, for example, in view of the player's removal, turns the game upside down. Watching what is happening, it becomes possible to catch a fairly favorable offer.

The next advantage of betting in live is their quick calculation. So, if you put a tennis player in a particular game for the victory, then the result of the bet will be known in a few minutes, and you do not have to sit for several hours, days or even months, waiting for the result. The third advantage is the opportunity to put on more advantageous offer. So, if a few minutes after the starting whistle or serenas on the scoreboard are still burning zeros, then the coefficient for the victory of one of the teams is already higher than in pre matches. Speaking of the shortcomings, perhaps, we should note only the emotional component. Beginners who only try themselves in the betting world, as a rule, with great difficulty control their emotions, trying to immediately recoup after an unsuccessful bet. As a consequence, very quickly the deposit flows to the account of the office.

The Main Sports for Live Betting

Almost any kind of sport is suitable for betting in live mode. However, the most popular football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and tennis, and here in priority. The stakes on football in the course of the match are mostly related to the total goal. If in the last minutes one team storms the gate of the other, then there is an opportunity to catch a goal in the last minute at a very advantageous offer. Quite good options arise when the obvious favorite misses from the outsider in the first minutes.

As for basketball and volleyball, everything goes very dynamically here. These sports are very popular with their incredible feedbacks, so it is very important to catch the very moment when one team finally found its game. As for tennis, then, because this is an individual sport, bets on the game have their own features. If the player receives some damage or simply feels uncomfortable, then this can and should be used.

Strategies for Live Betting

Speaking about the basic strategies, it should be noted that there are a lot of them, but almost all of them follow from the peculiarities of the sport, as it was mentioned above: unsuccessful start, physiological or psychological factors. Of course, it is worth immediately recalling the bookmaker "forks", which in the course of the game can be quite a lot.

The strategy of live betting on football

Football is the most popular game in the world. It is no accident that it is she who is rich in various strategies. Among the most popular are strategies for total. So, for example, if in the first half of a football match the account is not opened, and the coefficient already exceeds the "two", then you can bet on TB (0.5). Next, in case of failure, you can make a second bet, similar to the previous one, or try to play popular live-strategy on football is a lot and on the statistics. Perhaps it is worth highlighting the strategy for angular, the essence of which is that the favorite, inferior in the account, closer to the end of the match goes all the forces into the attack, earning a lot of corners.

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