Sportsbook Reviews

The majority of betting houses have a wide variety of bet types so that their customers have a variety of choices when it comes to gambling. In general, the most common are:

Simple Bets

The simple bets as the name indicates are individual bets, that is a choice simply or several but individually, they have a minimum limit usually of 0.5 € and maximum (according to the betting house or limit set by the bettor).

Combined Bets

Combined bets are a set of simple bets, which can be 2 minimum bets and a maximum depending on the betting house for example can be 12 simple bets. The advantages are that the quota of each event is multiplied by all the events staked and it can be very interesting the final fee and benefits if this is correct. The disadvantages are that any mistake in any of the bet events causes you to lose the bet.

System Bets

This type of bets can be innumerable, the minimum of bets to be able to make a system bet are 3 and the maximum the maximum set by the betting house. You also have to take into account that depending on the system bet we want to make the customer to bet a minimum required of bets for example a bet 3/5 is equivalent to 10 bets and one of 4/5, 5 bets etc.

How it works: a bet system 3/5, that is 3 out of 5, means that you bet on all possible combinations of 3 within the 5 pairs of selected matches. If you hit all the forecasts you get the maximum profit. In case a forecast is false, we will have four of the 10 correct ones and with two erroneous forecasts we will continue having a combination of three.

The higher the number of system bets the higher the prize, but the probability of losing the bet is also higher: 4/5 (if you fail two results you do not have a prize), 5/5 (if you fail a result you do not have a prize) etc.

Live Bets

LIVE bets are real-time bets, you can bet while the sporting event is being held, in some events you can watch them in video or audio. The quotas are dynamic in the live Chat, the information of the event and other special data turn this type of bets into an interactive fun, to be able to close bets LIVE you need to install the Flash-Plug-In.

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